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Re: [PLUG] Thunderbird questions

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Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2018 9:43:18 AM
Subject: Re: [PLUG] Thunderbird questions

> Yesterday, at the advice of an old friend, I installed Thunderbird.  I entered as my
> E-mail server my account at gmail.  This seemed to work; I could look at the mail on
> my gmail account and send E-mail to my regular account.
> But this was just an experiment; I really want to change my thunderbird account to
> have as my E-mail server.  Can I do this? I shudder at the thought of
> un-installing thunderbird, since there are a mess of dependencies that might get
> screwed up.  
> I hope this is a question that thunderbird experts -- surely there are some here! --
> can answer easily.  Thanks in advance for all suggestions and help.

I don't understand the question. If you just installed Thunderbird,
why is it a big deal to uninstall it?
        I have had occasion trouble with un-install in the past.  It was a long time
        ago and debian may have improved since then.

 And if not, Thunderbird can
surely handle multiple accounts, so just add a new one pointing to
       <G>  After I posted, I discovered that thunderbird can do this.

Please be gentle with me!  I've been running thunderbird for almost 24 hours, and it is
not like other programs I'm used to.  No config/.rc files, and I hope that I can get
the editor it hands me(mutt lets you choose your editor) to behave more emacs-like.

Thanks for your cogent reponse, Walt.

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