Alan McConnell on 25 Sep 2018 17:00:13 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Thunderbird questions

I've got thunderbird(henceforth TB) working, to the point that I can read my E-mail 
at my gmail account, and at my account on  But I've got lots of work to do, 
and I'm grateful to the two Plug gentleman who have offered to field my questions. 
Here is a first installment of questions:

1.  How does one exit TB?  I have up to now simply clicked on the 'x' in the upper RH
corner.  I have read that there is a screen with the typical 'File' as the first item on
the command line(my TB doesn't have any such thing) and from there one can exit a bit
more graciously.  What do you experts do?

2.  I am accustomed to having arrows or other indications to go back, or forward, one
or more pages.  I can't find such with TB.

3.  I'll try to figure out on my own how to download stuff, and how to sync up what is
on with what is . . . where?  Can I prescribe the directory I'd like my downloaded
mail to be put in?  I have a Mail directory, with lots of files in mbox format.  Is that
what TB will do?

I'll have lots of questions about the editor that TB provides for me.  I'd love to make it
as emacs-y as possible.  And can one use diacritical marks? the German Umlaut, the French
accent acent agui and accent grave, the various Spanish markings?  That's just a start<g>!


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