jeff on 22 Jan 2019 06:53:56 -0800

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[PLUG] Mining for Cycles

It was a cryptominer.
It somehow replaced minor things like initctl, dbus-daemon, and sleep with its own version, but only for a little while, which is why Virustotal didn't find anything. It would then start phoning home. I copied an infected one and BINGO.. 5 engines caught it, then started arguing over which cryptominer it was.

There's a reason I browse without javascript, and this would be it. Unfortunately I must've failed one time (better this than birth control).

Reinstalling Xubuntu was fine, until I hooked my profile to it.
So now I'm somebody else, which has caused a bit of an identity crisis. Plus only 24 hours of reconfiguring things and moving text files over. And moving the bloody panel to the bottom, where it belongs.

Unrelated: What sort of genetic abilities come with dogs and cats? The newest adoptee just opened the bi-fold bathroom door. Every one of them figured it out (because you're not allowed to go to the bathroom by yourself).

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