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Re: [PLUG] Mining for Cycles (Pavel Kovtunenko)

On 1/23/19 11:19 AM, Michael Lazin wrote:
Is this machine a desktop or a server?  I googled this and found very


good information on javascript cryptomining with common cms software:

WP is a mess by itself, or so I read. Good catch.

If it's a desktop you may have been infected by browsing a site like this.  I recommend if you use firefox to use noscript.  This blocks all javascript other than what you explicitly allow.

It's the first extension I install.
Apparently the user disabled it for the wrong site.

Thanks for the recommendation. Also useful are Privacy Badger, Privacy Possum, and CookieMaster Kangaroo. The Chrome-based units have Privacy Extension and another with 'policy' in the title. As for android FF, good luck. You can get NoScript but very little for cookies, unless you just want to play with them once they're on your phone.
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