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Re: [PLUG] We need speakers for February

On 03/02/2019 13:35, Eric S. Raymond wrote:
> Keith C. Perry:
>> Nothing wrong with general discussions either...
> I'm working on a new book. If you guys are desparate I suppose I could
> talk about that.  When do you need a speaker for?
Central is this coming Wednesday (6 February); North is next Tuesday (12
February). The same original speaker for both had to cancel in one fell
swoop. I'd be down to hearing about your new book, and I'm sure many
others would be as well. It's been a while.

Alternatively, for at least one of these meetings, we could reboot (pun
intended) an intro series/talk of some sort. Even though we tend to
focus on advanced topics, I got some feedback from the local community
that there's not only not enough introductory Unix/Linux/open source
content in talks and such (things tend to focus on branded items like
Kubernetes and Docker and the various cloud stuff to say the least), but
there's some demand for an "apprenticeship" (don't read into that word
too much, just think of something guided at most) in Unix/Linux/open
source. I could probably whip up an intro talk or demo on short notice
for this month, just know that both meetings this month bookend business
events I have to be at…

Charlie "heavy machinery" Li

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