Eric Lucas on 23 Feb 2019 11:23:12 -0800

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[PLUG] Some books available

I'm moving and I am (finally) clearing out my bookshelf.
Most are just going to Goodwill but there are some I think some of you may want:

These are FREE (as in beer) and I'll bring them to PLUG Central in March. 

- Object-oriented Software Construction - Meyer (paperback second edition)

- An Introduction to Database Systems - C. J. Date (hardback 6th addition)
    (purchased in '95 from Gene's Books in the KoP mall. $54.95 less 15%!
     I miss Gene's.)

- The Definitive Guides to the X Window System (Volume 3 
   X Windows System User's Guide - paperback third edition) 
  (another Gene's purchase - $34.95 in '92) 

- Newton's Telecom Dictionary (paperback 16th ed. 2000) 

- Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing - Philip Greenspun 1999
   (I bought this after attending a talk by Philip in Boston circa 1999)


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