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[PLUG] period of transition

I am in a period of transition.  I was recently hospitalized diagnosed with multiple myleoma, a rare cancer.  Luckily my job offers disability insurance so I still have an income.  Right now I have 12 weeks disability at 60% of my normal pay.  I go to chemo once a week and  am tired for about 2 days when i go.  I don't quite have the energy to go back to work full time now but I was thinking about freelancing.  I thought maybe someone here would have a good lead.  I am  windows sysadmin right now but I was doing monthly patches on linux servers as part of my duties, but managing around 1500 windows servers.  I have prior experience doing security in a LAMP environment on Debian servers.  I was thinking if anyone has a lead on some easy part time work I can do from home while I try to get stronger and get ready to return to work that would be great.  Obviously I need to rest and focus on my health but it is real hard to get used to this smaller paycheck and some easy freelance work might help make ends meet.  If anyone knows of anything please reach out to me off list.  Pert time is key, I am not working because at the moment i do not have the energy for full time work.  I was very weak when I got out of the hospital and the chemo takes a lot out of me.  I've been getting stronger every day and am planning to return to work, but a little part time gig would really help now.    

Michael Lazin

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