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Re: [PLUG] PLUG Fusion room or DMR Talkgroup

Keith C. Perry wrote:
> Like an amateur radio beginner's talk specially on digital modes?  That could be interesting considering many of the hotspots are pi-star based and RPi's are a thing. :)
I can see people already being like

"What's a digital mode?"

Gonna have to dumb the talk down even more. It may even have to teeter
on the non-technical side of things, because amateur radio is *very*
foreign to even otherwise technical people (considering how you, among
other people, chronicled how some technical people have never opened a
physical machine before). We tend to forget that perspective here in
PLUG, which was the other overall point I tried to make.

Fun tidbit, I quizzed an otherwise technical Canadian friend a couple
weekends ago on some licence test questions (US Tech and Canadian
Basic), and among other things, had no idea what 73 means.
> BTW... you'll need some sort of digital rig for what we talking about here.  Most Baofeng's are analog, though they do have an actual DMR rig (RD-5R) that is tier II compliant now.
I know most Baofengs are analogue. This is only supporting the point of
really needing an overall beginners' primer, because long-standing
advice to brand new hams (that I am aware of) involve analogue operation
on Baofengs.

Charlie "it's a trap" Li

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