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Re: [PLUG] PLUG Fusion room or DMR Talkgroup


Like an amateur radio beginner's talk specially on digital modes?  That could be interesting considering many of the hotspots are pi-star based and RPi's are a thing. :)

BTW... you'll need some sort of digital rig for what we talking about here.  Most Baofeng's are analog, though they do have an actual DMR rig (RD-5R) that is tier II compliant now.

Hmmmm... only $80 (but doesn't work with chirp so that might be deal breaker for some).  Add a hotspot and you're good to go.

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Keith C. Perry wrote:
> Ok...  Hopefully some other folks chime in on this.  I know there are more that 4 hams on here and I know people aren't shy about operating email.
> ;)
I don't have my Baofeng yet. Hopefully that will get rectified soon.

At risk of turning this into a rant, there should be a talk at PLUG
Central, at first, introducing all this. More on why Central
specifically in a bit.

We are probably the only (mainly) computing-focused group in the area
with a significant ham presence. From what I've seen in much of the rest
of the technical/computing community around here (let alone in general),
barely anyone has ever heard of amateur radio let alone its purpose.
Once upon a time, there was a LoRa (433/915 MHz data communications)
meetup group; no one there had any clue about amateur radio, and I could
tell everyone came together for the pizza and shiny APIs (of one
particular LoRa software platform). (I can feel Keith's disgust from
here just by mentioning APIs, because component-level thinking.) Another
time, a software developer gushed at how cool Amazon AWS just became by
having APIs for communicating with satellites, but the ham world has had
the notion of working space stations for time.

Thus, in order to expose some more people who otherwise would still have
no clue, we should have a talk at Central, not just for introducing the
talkgroup or whatever, but really something like "Amateur radio for
software developers". I specifically say Central because I've acquired
some contacts in the, shall I say, publicising space, and they're rather
city-centric. And for something like introducing anything amateur radio
to even the wider technical/computing community, it's gonna need
publicising beyond just posting the topic on our website, our -announce
mailing list and even our Meetup. The setup details of the talkgroup or
whatever we end up doing can be worked out in due time.


Charlie "getting ELMERed would be nice" Li

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