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Re: [PLUG] PLUG Fusion room or DMR Talkgroup

On Fri, May 17, 2019 at 2:49 PM Keith C. Perry
<> wrote:
> "I don't think you need to register a DMR ID to set up a BM talkgroup.
> All the traffic just uses the individual operator IDs.  You would just
> request a group ID from BM, and then you're in the directory and
> anybody can talk on that group."
> **need** perhaps not but its recommended and it makes sense (to me).  Its very quick to reg your hotspots on once you have your DMRid.  There is no verification time from what I understand.

I think I read somewhere that they prefer that people not register IDs
for hotspots unless they really need them, just to keep the database
as small as possible.  You only need another ID if you'll be
transmitting on more than one ID at the same time.

> "I find Fusion a pain to deal with, because I can't monitor more than
> one TG at a time, and switching TGs requires going into the innards of
> my hotspot config to switch settings.  It just isn't as native to DMR
> which makes it less convenient, which is saying something considering
> how inconvenient DMR is to begin with.  Plus I'm not sure how the
> hotspot will handle it if Fusion and DMR are both active at the same
> time and which takes priority - with DMR I believe it will give
> priority to whatever group you were last transmitting on."
> Fair enough that bothers me a bit too.  Perhaps my rig works a bit differently but I have Fusion, DMR and DStar all turned on.  Pi-Star just switches between them based on the hang timer timeouts.  If I'm listing on DMR once the time expires the it will switch to the next mode that has traffic.

Sure, suppose you're listening on 3 DMR TGs, and the one allowed
YSF2DMR group.  One of those groups has traffic, and it goes out OTA.
Now another group has traffic while the first is already transmitting.
The hotspot can either drop the new call, or terminate the first call
to interrupt it with the second.  If you're trying to talk to somebody
you'd probably prefer that it drop traffic on any other group if it

Also, keep in mind that I'm talking about YSF2DMR, not just direct
Fusion.  My hotspot supports either, and they will of course work a
little differently.

> Are you able to switch modes from your radio?  Also are you running pi-star, openspot or something else?

My radio only does DMR.  For YSF you just transmit to a specific group
ID and it gets bridged to YSF.  This is on pi-star.

> Also, how are you monitoring more than one talkground on DMR now?

The radio is set to promiscuous mode, and pi-star can monitor as many
TGs as you want.  Obviously only one at a time can actually transmit,
and while the hotspot is transmitting it is deaf to anything you try
to do with the radio, since this is all simplex on a single timeslot.

One thing I will say is that the audio quality on my radio seems
pretty lousy much of the time.  I suspect that Bransmeister might be
responsible for a lot of that, but I also suspect that the radio
doesn't handle missing packets/etc gracefully as you get a lot of
stuttering/etc and there is no reason it has to keep looping buffers
if it is missing data.  I'm sure a better radio than my MD-380
wouldn't hurt, but I don't use it often enough to consider investing
in more...

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