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Re: [PLUG] Best method for making home Linux system available remotely?

In the message dated: Fri, 21 Jun 2019 18:27:40 -0400,
The pithy ruminations from Jon Boone on 
[[PLUG] Best method for making home Linux system available remotely?] were:
=> Hi folks,
=>   I’m looking for the best method of making my home Linux machine
=> reachable from off-premises. Due to lack of robust IPv6 support
=> in most remote places I am likely to frequent, it needs to be IPv4
=> compatible. Ports 443 and 22 specifically are what I’m after, though

Sounds like you've just got to run a web server & an ssh server. If that's
it, then some of the suggestions for graphical remote desktop clients
or 3rd-party connection proxies may be unnecessary, unless your remote
device doesn't have an SSH client or SSH connections outbound are blocked.

You've said nothing about your home networking configuration or any
remote constraints (ie., insecure but wide-open netcafe vs highly
restrictive corporate network) or the remote device[s] you'll be using
(ie.m, browser-only closed source device vs Linux laptop)  so what
follows is a lot of speculation.

Things to consider:

	is your home machine on a 'business class' internet service with
	a fixed IP? If not, then you've probably got a dynamic IP address
	(which likely changes rarely, but it will change)

	if you've got a dynamic IP address you will probably need to
	use a ddns service provider to publish the DNS records when your
	IP changes

	assuming a fairly typical home network, you'll need to forward
	incoming traffic on your router to the destination device[s]
	in your network

	depending on your level of trust of the remote device/remote network,
	consider 2FA and/or one-time passwords (yubikey, OTPW, etc)

=> I’m not opposed to port forwarding through SSH.
=> Suggestions welcome. 
=> —jon 
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