Rich Kulawiec via plug on 5 Sep 2019 12:56:11 -0700

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[PLUG] Configuration help needed with Netgear C7100V

I have a Netgear C7100V that I purchased used for someone's network.
I've done a factory reset in order to remove the previous configuration.
It's connected (via an Ethernet cable) to a laptop *and to nothing else*.

I'm able to use a web browser on the laptop to access the C7100V,
however, I'm presented with a screen entitled "Netgear Genie".  Sensibly,
this demands that I set a new password for "admin" and provide it
with answers to a couple of security questions.  Much less sensibly, it
apparently WILL NOT perform any action based on that information...because
it's not connected to an external network. *sound of head banging on desk*

Some searching has led to pages like this one:

which give a procedure for avoiding the genie/wizard -- yes, please --
however following that procedure and attempting to access the URL it

yields a "file not found" (404) message.  Same for plausible variations
on the URL, e.g., suffix ".html" instead of ".htm".

I'll skip all the other (failed) experiments I've done and just ask
for help: I'd like to configure this router BEFORE I plug it into an
external network, because I'd like to test the configuration before
committing to it in a live environment.  Is there another way to
skip the genie/wizard and get my paws on the configuration?


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