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Re: [PLUG] Configuration help needed with Netgear C7100V

On 9/5/19 3:56 PM, Rich Kulawiec via plug wrote:
I have a Netgear C7100V that I purchased used for someone's network.
I've done a factory reset in order to remove the previous configuration.
It's connected (via an Ethernet cable) to a laptop *and to nothing else*.

I'm able to use a web browser on the laptop to access the C7100V,
however, I'm presented with a screen entitled "Netgear Genie".  Sensibly,

Random thoughts:

Are you getting in via or 1.1 ?

Have you tried with other browsers? I've got 7 browsers, meaning I probably have close to 7 results. Chromium tends to work, if nothing else does.

Can you get in via WIFI? Info on the label with the MACs and SSID transmitted by default.

Genie wants, so that's not much help.

this suggests replacing with But we already knew this. There are other suggestions.

The manual seems to indicate you can config w/o the net but doesn't say it explicitly.

Good luck.
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