Alan McConnell via plug on 6 Sep 2019 13:09:31 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Exim oops (vs Postfix?)

On Fri, Sep 06, 2019 at 01:15:47PM -0400, Charlie Li via plug wrote:
> JP Vossen via plug wrote:
> > What I'd like to know is why anyone would ever use anything other than
> > Postfix?
	<G> or maybe <sob>.  I thought my question -- whether exim4
	was a server, or whether there was a difference between
	exim4 and exim -- was a simple one.

	But it seems to have ignited a war between two the adherents
	of two MTAs.  My position: we are lucky to have both.  Aren't
	both infinitely preferable to sendmail(ugh!!) or smail?

	For a person like me, who just wishes to get his E-mail
	up from alanmcc.localdomain to, both work fine.
	I have used postfix, and my admiration for Wietse Venema
	and his team is very great.  Equally so is my admiration
	for Philip Hazel.

	Now: what about a good old-fashioned editor debate?  I
	use emacs; does any vi-using caitiff care to defend his
	ridiculous choice?  <G>

Best wishes to all, including the MTA warriors!


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