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Re: [PLUG] Exim oops (vs Postfix?)

JP Vossen via plug wrote:
> What I'd like to know is why anyone would ever use anything other than
> Postfix?
I use OpenSMTPD. I considered postfix, but I'm not one of those people
who uses something because everyone else recommends or uses it. But
really, even though OpenSMTPD may not have as many included features as
postfix, OpenSMTPD is technically *simple*. I get additional features
through other means, and even those are simple to hook into OpenSMTPD.
Also, competition is good.

For those not at Central this week, we discussed Webmin and friends
during the first hour, which naturally sparked a small debate between
manual config file-based configuration versus GUI-based configuration.
Both have their merits for different people even though, in that case,
one may be sub-optimal from a systems perspective. The same principle
applies here. It's the same reason why WordPress is still so popular
despite its abysmal security record: people are extremely comfortable
using it. Sometimes business rules (however stupid some are) dictate things.
> But then, I ask why people use Git too, so...  :-)
We can agree on this one, after living the light :-)

Charlie "causing JP to have final meltdowns since 2018" Li

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