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Re: [PLUG] Exim oops (vs Postfix?)

On Fri, Sep 6, 2019, 12:45 JP Vossen via plug <> wrote:
What I'd like to know is why anyone would ever use anything other than

Had exactly the same thought. 

In August 2019 a study performed by E-Soft, Inc.,[3] approximately 57%
of the publicly reachable mail-servers on the Internet ran Exim.

How much you wanna bet those are part of default installs that never get firewalled? And we wonder why we get so much spam. Between people running open relays without knowing it and default-exposed mail servers with vulns (like exim!), it's not much a surprise.

As I've said in:

If you don't know how to properly and securely run your own internet-facing server (ESPECIALLY email), *don't run your own internet-facing server*. Keep an eye on patches/updates and vulns they fix.

And probably use postfix instead. You'll thank me. :) Way easier.

But then, I ask why people use Git too, so...  :-)

You can have my git when you pry it from my cold, lifeless hands! ;)
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