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Re: [PLUG] dd-wrt wrt54gl pdq

I would highly second, third, forth and fifth Uniquity Unifi.  I moved by to them about 3 year ago and there is not way I could go back to the Buffalo DD-WRT units (I use them for VPN routers and they work great for that).  Ubiquity is linux based and somewhat hackable but I've never had the need to manipulate it that way.

To fill in gaps, I would recommend the Unifi AC-Mesh (UAP-AC-M-US) product.  It was designed for this purpose as well as building out coverage in asymmetric or non-continguious ways (e.g. along a path or targeted areas like individual rooms).  They're not expensive (less that $100)

I'm not sure how well they work with other existing systems but I put one into a previous Unifi deployment and it took a low / no converage area to 30% - 50% of the internet bandwidth.

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Suggestions without mentioning ubiquiti is a disservice to this list. So, look to ubiquiti as many people have had pleasant experiences with them and should be in your general price point. 


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> Is anybody using anything currently available and flashed dd-wrt (or
> secure w/o it)? Some have APPS to control it. No.

If you're willing to use OpenWrt instead of DD-WRT, the Netgear R6220
is quite inexpensive for its (hardware) feature set and runs OpenWRT
perfectly well.
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