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Re: [PLUG] dd-wrt wrt54gl pdq - ponder

On 9/10/19 10:20 PM, jeff via plug wrote:
Brent, Keith, Will - thanks for Ubiquity. I'll definitely check it out. Stellar recommendations.

+1 for Ubiquity. Mostly. Be aware their web interface is just about useless. You basically *must* manage the thing from the "app" which annoys the crap out of me. And the "Amplifi" unit I have is in bridge mode, which negates a bunch of the really nifty features like the "guest Wi-Fi" (which must be enabled every 24 hours, from the app) and per-device tracking, time rules, etc. One of these years I really must re-architect my LAN segments & FW and get it out of bridge mode.

Great, highly detailed reviews:
1. 2.

Jeff, you want to read Troy's blog anyway, just try to get over the whole Windows/M$ thing in his case. :-)

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