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Re: [PLUG] pgrade/change from Centos to Ubuntu

On 9/12/19 23:47, Ed Ackerman via plug wrote:
So, my desktop is running Centos 6.10 32 bit. I want to change to Ubuntu. what pit falls awaite me? I currently have 14.01 LTS running on a Toughbook CF-19 and "I LIKE IT". No real issues with Centos, just want a common experience.

Ubuntu 14.04 lost security support ~4-5 months ago, in April. You really should upgrade the Toughbook. (16.04 is supported until April 2021, 18.04 until April 2023)

If you're sticking with a 32bit OS on the desktop, your options are somewhat limited. As I'm sure you know, RH went 64bit only starting with 7. Ubuntu is following suite with the next release (19.10), making 18.04 the last LTS release to be both. That makes Debian one of the few options left.

Of course, you can still run 32bit programs on those, they'll just have to be on a 64bit OS. (Assuming the desktop can run it.)

If you do try out Ubuntu (and I recommend it), I'd suggest taking a look at Ubuntu-Budgie and Ubuntu-Mate. (And perhaps others as well...) Unity, the old default desktop in Ubuntu, is long dead. Gnome is the current one, and can be somewhat resource heavy. (So was Unity during it's last few releases.) The Budgie and Mate desktops are just as supported, and even more flexible, than Gnome. You can even emulate the Unity setup with them fairly easily if you want.

Nothing strange on the Centos side, only LAMP, procmail, alpine, fetchmail, and a few OLD games under Wine. I just dont want to loose/ reconfigure anything more than I have to.

Those shouldn't be an issue. The biggest "hurdle" you'd face is getting used to differences in some system commands (like package management), but you already have experience with Ubuntu 14.04....

Something else you'll hit is Systemd. Redhat switched to it in 7, Ubuntu in 15.04. Prior versions of Ubuntu and RH 6 used Upstart. Really shouldn't be an issue, but is something to be aware of.

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