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Re: [PLUG] pgrade/change from Centos to Ubuntu

On Fri, Sep 13, 2019 at 5:12 AM PaulNM via plug
<> wrote:
> If you're sticking with a 32bit OS on the desktop, your options are
> somewhat limited. As I'm sure you know, RH went 64bit only starting with
> 7. Ubuntu is following suite with the next release (19.10), making 18.04
> the last LTS release to be both. That makes Debian one of the few
> options left.

Gentoo still supports x86, alongside sparc, alpha, ia64, ppc, and so
on.  And it is trending to be about as well-supported as the others
(ie, probably mostly works, and if you submit a patch you claim works
it probably will get merged, but good luck getting anybody to take a
look at any problems you're having unless it is a core package).  We
have been purging a lot of likely-not-working x86-only packages
lately.  I don't think anybody really even complained about it unless
the package was also used by one of those other ancient 32-bit
platforms, so arguably x86 support is worse.

If you're still running hardware from that era you might want to
consider whether you're paying more in electricity to operate it than
you're saving on a more modern system.  Power-use wasn't as much of a
priority in those days, and you might save money moving to modern
amd64 hardware.  And of course if you switch to an arm platform you'll
save even more - those probably have at least as much cpu+ram as most
of the x86 stuff that is still around.

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