Philip Rushik via plug on 21 Sep 2019 18:38:49 -0700

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[PLUG] VC4 X11 driver on RPI4? Does it work?


I got my first RPI4, planning to use it as my garage/workshop computer
machine, so it will do basic general computer stuff, and also drive a
3D printer.
I got Gentoo installed on it, right now its just in a chroot, but once
its all good I will copy it over to the root. I had a lot of trouble
at first, but after picking the correct flags for GCC (by default
there it tries to use the wrong FPU I think), I was able to get most
of what I want installed, however, I wanted to try out X with the new
VideoCore 4 driver, which is supposed to be pretty good. I got X up
and running as far as I can tell, the cursor shows up and I can move
it around, as well as use ctrl+alt+fx to switch VTs, but no matter
what I do, no applications will render.

Running mrxvt gives me garbage, running xterm gives me a black screen
(just mouse pointer), and running jwm successfully changes the mouse
pointer to an arrow instead of the default x, but nothing else, no
menu or desktop or decorated windows or anything. Even something as
simple as xeyes doesn't work.

I'm confused because mrxvt results in garbage on the screen, as if X
can't render things correctly, however, the mouse cursor always
renders fine. I've never seen anything like this in X before...

Anybody had similar issues? Is this a VC4 driver thing? Anybody know
what could cause this?
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