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Re: [PLUG] VC4 X11 driver on RPI4? Does it work?

On 9/21/19 9:38 PM, Philip Rushik via plug wrote:
> I got Gentoo installed on it, right now its just in a chroot, but once
> its all good I will copy it over to the root. I had a lot of trouble
> at first, but after picking the correct flags for GCC (by default
> there it tries to use the wrong FPU I think), I was able to get most
> of what I want installed, however, I wanted to try out X with the new
> VideoCore 4 driver, which is supposed to be pretty good. I got X up
> and running as far as I can tell, the cursor shows up and I can move
> it around, as well as use ctrl+alt+fx to switch VTs, but no matter
> what I do, no applications will render.
> Running mrxvt gives me garbage, running xterm gives me a black screen
> (just mouse pointer), and running jwm successfully changes the mouse
> pointer to an arrow instead of the default x, but nothing else, no
> menu or desktop or decorated windows or anything. Even something as
> simple as xeyes doesn't work.
You may want to try loading Raspian and seeing exactly what modules and
X programs it is running.

Sorry, I can't give you any real advice, but I can feel your pain.   I
love Gentoo and run it on a couple of different machines, but when it
goes wrong, it can sometimes be a bugger to figure out why. (especially
for me since I run a custom monolithic kernel).  Running on "unusual"
hardware, increases the difficulty exponentially.

The toughest hardware I ever ran Gentoo on was an old Eee netbook.  I
got it to work (and the problem-solving was fun), but it took a lot of

Good luck!

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