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[PLUG] wireless, bought one

Thanks to the many nice people here for the +1s on Ubiquiti.
After much research, I bought their Amplifi. It's very nicely priced, and comes either basic or with one mesh point. I got basic.

They advertise it's up in 2 minutes, and I'll agree, plus tweaking time.
It's bloody tiny, shiny white, and looks right at home with the iDevice aesthetic (I have no aesthetic). About 4" square and 1" tall, with a tiny little status display. I miss the antennae, though.

If you want simple, use the app, name the network, put in network and admin pw, and you're good to go. If you want to play around, you can do all the usual dhcp stuff, port forwarding, no mac filter, and handoff from one band to the other. I'd rather not have an app, as it interferes with my tin foil hat. It also lets you do minor monitoring and set up a guest network, with or without password.

The tiny display tells you time, freq, and other stuff. There was an update waiting for me after config. I hear they're great with updates. (r/amplifi on Reddit)

It immediately covered the main hole in my coverage with full signal. This is the hole right next to the wireless. It covered upstairs a hair better than the original. If I need to, I can get the mesh unit(s), but I don't see it happening.

Understand that my needs are very simple. I've heard that *I'm* very simple, but won't comment further. There are very few wireless devices, few expected, and the WRT54 covered everything nicely until it got sick. No gamers, unless the dog gets up to stuff when we're not around. There is a gamer-specific system (it's black, because black plastic is more serious than white plastic for gamers). There's also an app called Teleport, which seems to be a VPN. The terms are draconian, so I don't see myself using it. There's also a middle ground unit (Amplifi HD).
Best price at Amazon but you can buy from the site too.
Recommended (2 days in).

Thanks again.
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