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[PLUG] [plug-announce] Wed Oct 2 - PLUG Central - "Vote::Count: a Library for Counting Votes" by John Karr (7pm at USP)

------------------ PLEASE NOTE ------------------
If the doors to Griffith Hall are locked, USP
security will let you into the building if you
call them. Please see below in this message for
full instructions.

PLUG Central will be meeting on Wednesday, October 2 at USP in
Philadelphia, beginning at 7pm. Directions to the meeting location at
the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia can be found at the end
of this email.

This month, PLUG welcomes back John Karr. John will be giving a talk
entitled "Vote::Count: a Library for Counting Votes".


  Counting Better Voting Methods.

  The Ancient Greeks used Pebbles to count Ballots, today we use computers to
  count ballots, but the method of counting them is the same, and throwing
  Pebbles into Urns is more secure than many of our voting machines. Vote For
  One, Most Votes Wins only works well when there are only two choices. With
  Ranked Ballots Voters can express a list of preferences.

  Vote::Count is a Perl library for tabulating Election Results with Ranked
  and Range Ballots.

The meeting will be held at our usual location:

  University of the Sciences in Philadelphia (USP)
  Griffith Hall (Room "C" or "A", look for the signs)
  600 South 43rd Street
  Philadelphia, PA 19104-4495

USP is located in University City. Driving directions are
available at http://www.phillylinux.org/locations/usp.html, or
http://www.usip.edu/directions, both of which have an aerial view
of the campus buildings. USP is also easily accessible by public

For those attending PLUG Central, if you arrive and the doors are
locked you can call UCS's public safety number at 215.895.1117 and
they will radio personnel in the guard booth or someone else to unlock
the door.  If you are asked who is sponsoring the meeting you can say
"Zhiwei Liu" in the Chemistry department.

There will be an open Question & Answer session at 7PM, prior to the
main presentation at 8PM. This is an open meeting; all are welcome and
encouraged to attend.

Usually, a number of members get together after the meeting at a
nearby restaurant for food and perhaps a beer or two. Come join the

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