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[PLUG] [plug-announce] Mon Oct 21 - PLUG West - "Where's my Notepad? Transitioning to Desktop Linux" by Walt Mankowski (7pm at ATS)

The Philadelphia Area Linux Users Group (PLUG) cordially invites you
to a PLUG West meeting on Monday, October 21 at ATS in Malvern, PA
from 7-9 pm.

This month, PLUG West welcomes Walt Mankowski, who will be
giving a talk entitled "Where's my Notepad? Transitioning to Desktop Linux".

  I recently started a new job and my desktop is running Ubuntu. I've
  been using Linux for over 20 years, but this is the first time my
  work machine is running Linux. It's been about a week now and while
  it's mostly great, there are a few things I'm missing. I'd like to
  lead an informal discussion on finding open source apps to replace
  things I've grown accustomed to on macOS and Windows.

  Is 2019 the Year of Linux On the Desktop?

Interested in Linux, BSD, and Free Software? Whether you're
already an enthusiast or want to learn more, come and join us!
PLUG meetings are free and open to everyone, and anyone who is
curious is invited to attend.

The meeting will be at the ATS office in Malvern, PA:

  ATS Group & IBM Innovation Center
  1200 Atwater Drive, Suite 170
  Malvern, Pennsylvania 19355

For driving directions, please visit


For more information about PLUG, please visit our website at


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