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Re: [PLUG] Mon Oct 21 - PLUG West - "Where's my Notepad? Transitioning to Desktop Linux" by Walt Mankowski (7pm at ATS)

Thanks for the interesting discussion Walt.

Tools that came up that I recall are:

* Geany & plugins as a light-weight IDE

* Zim, a "desktop wiki" for notes (Python3)
	Just moved to Python3 so a bit buggy but under active dev.

* Meld, an awesome graphical 1,2,3-way diff & editing tool (Python)

* LibreOffice Draw for simple diagrams
* Dia, the Gnome diagram editor

* xul-ext-lightning - Calendar Extension for Thunderbird
	Also a to-do list, but it's only in Thunderbird as noted

Also try the GUI package manager, just to see what's in there. Dia is the first thing that came up with I searched my Mint-18 "Software Manager" for "diagram". Huh, Sublime-text and Atom are both in there too, they may be worth a look.

Super useful tool we forgot to talk about:

* xsel - command-line tool to access X clipboard and selection buffers
	alias put-clip='xsel -bi'
	alias get-clip='xsel -b'

I didn't talk about ROXTerm, which is the term emulator I love, because it got dropped from Ubuntu 19.04 and is a PITA to install. :-(

And we didn't talk about Evolution, which is the Outlook competitor. It used to REALLY suck, but it has sucked less each time I've looked at it over the years. I haven't looked since 2015 or so, so it might be better. But that only matters if you are allowed to use it, and you more-or-less like Outlook... The other GUI alternative is Thunderbird + Lightning, as above.

I'll talk about multiple in-line revision control in a separate thread.

On 10/21/19 9:26 AM, Walt Mankowski via plug-announce wrote:
This month, PLUG West welcomes Walt Mankowski, who will be
giving a talk entitled "Where's my Notepad? Transitioning to Desktop Linux".

   I recently started a new job and my desktop is running Ubuntu. I've
   been using Linux for over 20 years, but this is the first time my
   work machine is running Linux. It's been about a week now and while
   it's mostly great, there are a few things I'm missing. I'd like to
   lead an informal discussion on finding open source apps to replace
   things I've grown accustomed to on macOS and Windows.

   Is 2019 the Year of Linux On the Desktop?

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