jeff via plug on 25 Oct 2019 09:25:51 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Ubuntu effort to make GNOME shell faster

On 10/25/19 12:09 PM, JP Vossen via plug wrote:
I think Cinnamon is JS too, and while I really like it, it has gotten way too slow on my older (and un-accelerated) hardware

I remember your ... ummm... less sizable thing... the Dell laptop.
Those things were anemic out of the chute but handy.

so I use XFCE
now.  That's not as "slick" but it's a LOT faster.

Xubuntu ftw.
Been using it forever, even on new hardware.
If you're looking to show linux off to die hard Win fans, you can make XFCE look just like Win. My preference is menus at the bottom, so it helps.
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