Rich Kulawiec via plug on 2 Nov 2019 08:11:22 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Configuration help needed with Netgear C7100V

On Fri, Sep 06, 2019 at 04:00:33PM -0400, jeff via plug wrote:

[ a bunch of useful stuff to try , thanks! ]

Some previous/additional observations, bundled together here in
case someone else finds this message via a search query:

- The router assigns (wired) addresses in  Its own is, first address handed out is, so I suspect that
it assigns them sequentially up to

- Did an nmap scan of the router.  No ssh, no telnet, no ftp.  Port 8080
is open and appears to be a password-protected HTTP proxy.  So it doesn't
look like there's a way to get into it at the command line.

- The router assigns itself as the DNS server and default router --
pretty routine.  The hostname "" resolves to,
i.e., the router itself, see next item.

- Netgear's support forums include this:

	Completely avoiding the Smart Wizard

however that does NOT work: the URL it provides:

and obvious variants (e.g., .html instead of .htm, "settings" instead of
"setting") all result in the same custom 404 page.  In other words, the
hostname successfully resolves, the HTTP request is sent to the router,
but its onboard web server has no such URL.

- Netgear's support forums also include this:

	How to disable NETGEAR configuration assistant (welcome screen / hijack screen)?

That provides another URL ("CA" standing in for "configuration assistant"

That URL also results in the same custom 404 page, as do its variants.

- All the observations above are browser- and OS-independent.  (Which
makes sense, they should be.)

- Examination of the HTML markup on the "genie" or "wizard" page exposes
a few other valid URLs but none of them are useful.  I was hoping that
the manual configuration page might show up there by reference, but no joy.

- The manual also yields no joy.

- I'll spare you the other things I've done because the bottom line
is that none of them worked and some of them were foolish. ;)  But
the bottom line is that I'm still stuck.


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