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[PLUG] LinuxForce Celebrates its 20th Anniversary (fwd)

In today's news release, I mentioned how my association with PLUG
(helping found the organization in 1995) and the talent you all bring
to the mailing lists, IRC, etc. has been a mainstay of LinuxForce all
these years.

Now if only the spammers would stop calling and some real business would
come in, I might need one of you again someday.

Actually business has been good enough, but I used to get several calls
per year asking for help with some obscure Linux or FOSS subsystem that I
never worked with and I would come here to find talent to service the job.

That business has vanished and it doesn't really make sense to me.
Maybe everyone is using standard tools nowadays and there aren't as many
crazy projects using some FOSS library or package that aren't listed in
the headhunter databases forcing folks to call LinuxForce? I don't know.

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Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2019 16:53:06 -0500
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Subject: LinuxForce Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

For Immediate Release

Date: November 19, 2019
Contact: CJ Fearnley, (610) 734-1900
E-mail: press@LinuxForce.net
Web: https://www.LinuxForce.net

LinuxForce Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

Philadelphia, PA — 19 November 2019 — LinuxForce, Inc. today announced
that it is celebrating its 20th year in business.

LinuxForce incorporated effective 15 October 1999.

LinuxForce President and CEO, CJ Fearnley, said "We started LinuxForce in
the heyday of the ISP (Internet Service Provider) era. Major companies had
just started backing Linux. It was fortuitous timing as Corel Corporation
took an ownership stake in LinuxForce shortly after our incorporation."

Fearnley continued, "It has been reported that the average lifespan
of an S&P 500 company is less than 20 years. Our survival has required
navigating both the early 2000s recession and the great recession."

Fearnley added, "The biggest change to our business model was the loss of
the ISP business as non-stop change, industry consolidation, and telecom
monopolies destroyed our once triving ISP support and service business.
However, since writing my first article on Web Authoring in 1997, we
have been able to support web design, development, and hosting through
the years. Hosting continues to be important for our business."

LinuxForce maintains a world-class hosting environment and a
cloud infrastructure built on clustering technology at TierPoint's
Philadelphia Navy Yard facility. For more information about the facility,
see last year's news about our hosting infrastructure improvements

Fearnley concluded, "Perhaps the mainstay of our business has always
been the close association we formed with the Philadelphia area Linux
User Group (PLUG). I was a founding member of the group in 1995 and I
continue to emcee the first Wednesday of the month Q&A session at PLUG
Central. Whenever we have needed talent, PLUG was able to provide what
no recruitment or sourcing company can: a collaborative community ready
to tackle any challenge."

Some of the more prominent customers that we've serviced over the years
include The Franklin Institute Science Museum, The University of the Arts,
the Charter High School for Architecture and Design of Philadelphia,
the Philly Shipyard, and GlaxoSmithKline.

About LinuxForce Inc.
LinuxForce provides a broad range of IT consulting services,
cloud and down-to-Earth physical IT infrastructure services, and 24x7
network monitoring, systems administration, and support. We have more
than two decades of experience in the development, implementation,
management and support of Linux-based systems. LinuxForce offers
organizations of all kinds the ability to leverage low cost, yet
advanced, open-source IT solutions for a wide range of business
needs. For more information on LinuxForce, Remote Responder℠,
or help with IT projects, e-mail sales@LinuxForce.net, or call
(610) 734-1900. Join the LinuxForce Announcements Mailing List
(http://lists.linuxforce.net/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/pv). Visit
LinuxForce on the Web at https://www.LinuxForce.net.

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