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Re: [PLUG] Yearly kernel code metrics published

On Mon, Jan 6, 2020 at 10:05 PM Will via plug
<> wrote:
> I highlight this because I want to know the reasons behind some of the comments on syatemd mentioned. I am not here to start a flame war but I would like rationale as to the information backing the arguments.

The comments in that article were very general - IMO not much more
than clickbait by adding in a sensational topic, or perhaps more
generously viewed as background for somebody completely new to linux.
I don't really see anything beyond some people don't like it and other
people do like it.

If you want to know why some people do/don't like systemd at this
point you could probably search the archives of virtually any
linux-oriented mailing list, particularly any distro list, and if you
go back a few years you'll find literally hundreds or thousands of
pages worth of arguments on both sides of the issue.  I suspect some
distros have preserved some of them on wiki pages as well (though many
such summaries can be biased one way or the other).  Decisions got
made, and in some cases forks were made.

The article certainly doesn't bring up anything new.

Debian had a fairly formalized approach and so you might find these
sites somewhat useful:

Note that the length of the discussion on that bug report is fairly
typical for this topic.  It probably wouldn't be useful to replicate
it on this list, again, unless it concerns something fairly narrow and
new.  :)

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