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Re: [PLUG] Ubiquiti data slurping

Keith, how do you block the telemetry without blocking updates?

And I thought there was an opt-out option someplace? (Goes and reads TFA...) Oh, OK. Hmmm, that is quite annoying. It'll be interesting to see if Troy Hunt chimes in on this one, he's had some great things to say about them in the past so I wonder if this changes that. Or if more mobs and pitchforks will change the policy.

On 1/29/20 11:12 AM, Keith C. Perry via plug wrote:
I think I heard this before but I've drank the kool-aid on this one. Ubiquiti has been far too much of a win for me personally and for business.

I can always block it at the firewall if they start behaving badly but this one doesn't bother me functionally speaking if they actually use the data for good.  It is a risk but I'm going to watch their behavior.

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With how easy their management software has made it for me to manage my home network and the network for my son's school, I am fine with them getting performance data.

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On Wed, Jan 29, 2020 at 8:47 AM jeff via plug < <>> wrote:

    Ubiquiti users: please read

    You spoke, we didn't listen: Ubiquiti says UniFi routers will beam
    performance data back to mothership automatically
    And good luck opting out of that one
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