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Re: [PLUG] MS linux

On Thu, Feb 20, 2020 at 11:27 AM Keith C. Perry via plug
<> wrote:
> It is unfortunate but I would say that LinkedIn is a practically a
> necessary evil.  I personally would not knock someone for not having
> a presence there but quiet as kept I've seen people get knocked for
> not having one.  Its so bad now that people are even using LinkedIn
> instead of business cards.

It seems a bit much to make it a required field, but really just about
anybody applying for any job of consequence these days is going to
have a LinkedIn account.  I'm sure anybody they'd consider hiring
would probably have a github account as well.  Github wasn't required,
and they had fields for other portfolio links/etc, and my guess is
that if you listed a gitlab/etc account with great work on it they
wouldn't look down on you for it.

If it filters out people who are GPL3-only types they probably
consider that a feature and not a bug.  Linus is definitely not from
the RMS school of licensing in general.  I'm somewhere in-between
those positions personally, but if you're the sort that won't touch a
laptop if it isn't running coreboot then you're probably not a good
fit for them.

LinkedIn might not be completely essential if you're working for some
really small company, but just about any big company has almost all of
their employees on it.  I know a lot of managers routinely check
profiles for job applicants there.  If you were one of 20 applicants
for a job, and your resume was one of the top-5 interesting ones, but
you were the one out of the five that didn't have a LinkedIn profile,
chances are you wouldn't make it into the interview list, and you'd
never know that was why.  That isn't to say that having a profile
would have made the difference, but it might have.  Ultimately when
you have more candidates than interview slots the manager is going to
try to spend the least amount of time necessary to filter them down,
and when they're looking for extra background to set candidates apart
(like endorsements / references), then they're not going to find
anything useful for candidates that aren't on LinkedIn.

It isn't some big conspiracy theory, but business culture is a thing.
If you want to do your own thing that is great, but you might very
well be giving up a lot of money to do so.

And I'm hardly the most suave businessman out there...

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