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[PLUG] Fwd: COVID-19 vs. our Networks

[ I wrote this for NANOG, forwarding here as most of it's applicable in
other contexts for anyone in a network/systems operational role. ---rsk ]

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> [snip]
> 1. Get some rest.  Stock up (judiciously, don't hoard) on supplies
> including medications, fluids, food, etc.
> 2. Find all the phone chargers, laptop chargers, USB sticks, cables,
> everything.  If you're not already obsessive about keeping things
> charged, get that way.
> 3. Make sure your role addresses are up-to-date and working:
> 	postmaster@
> 	webmaster@
> 	security@
> 	abuse@
> 	noc@
> and whatever else is appropriate.  Make sure that eyeballs are watching
> everything that comes in there and anticipate that some people -- under
> stress and anxious -- will send things to the wrong place.
> Same for your phone contacts.  And make sure frontline support personnel
> have the ability and judgment to rapidly escalate, do not allow urgent
> needs to get lost in some ticketing system.
> 4. Make sure your WHOIS contacts on networks and domains are up-to-date
> and working.  Same for your phone contacts.
> 5. Identify any spare resources that you can lend out.  Identify any
> resources that you can guess will be needed.
> 6. Everyone who can telecommute should be telecommuting right now.
> If you need hands on-site, and of course lots of people will, keep
> those people separated from others.  Make sure hands-on people know
> how to sanitize equipment, tools, etc.
> 7. Find time in the midst of this for self-care.  You can't help
> anybody if you're exhausted.  Take a shower, watch dog videos, do
> whatever you need to in order to stay functional.
> Here's a resource page that I threw together with a little help
> from some epidemiologists.  It's short, plain HTML so it should
> load very fast, and of course because it's short it's probably missing
> things.  Send suggestions to me off-list.
> ---rsk

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