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[PLUG] Open Source Home Automation

While I was at Home Despot (heh) today picking up some lightbulbs, I saw the rather large collection of various smart bulbs that they had, and thought to myself: why not give that a try? At the simplest end, I can have outside lights go on and off automatically as the sun rises and sets, and inside ones, too, to make the place look occupied even when it isn't. On the more ambitious end, I can see myself investing in a connected thermostat, robot vacuum, camera, etc.

But... I have a distinct dislike of the idea of using Google Home or Amazon Alexa to handle the hub duties. Fortunately, the Open Source world has a solution using the Raspberry Pi- quite a few, actually (

So, the question is: have any PLUGgers experimented with a solution like openHAB, Eventghost, or the like? If so, what did you think?

Many thanks in advance,
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