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Re: [PLUG] Virtual Plug?

Rich Kulawiec via plug <>:
> On Mon, Mar 30, 2020 at 06:16:15PM -0400, Drew DeVault via plug wrote:
> > Quick reminder to the list that Zoom is proprietary spyware [...]
> It's even worse than that.

I concur.  Zoom stinks on ice.

Unfortunately, I've investigated about half a dozrn different VTC
packages for Linux and they *all* suck. Terrible UI, random flaky
failures to share video...these are routine.

The least bad, so far, seems to be  Bet even that can
get confused about whether can see your webcam - I've several times
seen it in a mode where in generates a self-view at the same time it's
claiming it can't see your camera and refusing to cast that image to
other clients. Anybody have any insight into this? 
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