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[PLUG] [plug-announce] Wed Apr 1 - PLUG Central - "Greenlight Is A Git Branch Merging Service" by Mark Jason Dominus

PLUG Central will be meeting on Wednesday, April 1 beginning at
7pm. Since we're all stuck at home due to COVID-19 we'll be doing this
month's meeting online. Details are at the bottom of the email.

This month, PLUG welcomes back Mark Jason Dominus. Mark will be giving
a talk entitled "Greenlight Is A Git Branch Merging Service".

  Our company's old production deployment strategy was "land whatever
  the heck you want on the Git `master` branch, and it will go to
  production". As we grew from 15 developers to 250 this started to
  have some problems. ("Some problems". Yow!) But what should we do
  instead? And how to get people to actually do it? Even harder, how
  do we get them to like doing it? Whatever process we design, people
  will have to deal with it every day, and if it isn't frictionless
  they will despise it.

  The result was Greenlight, a Git branch merging service. When you
  want to land code on `master`, you notify Greenlight, which takes
  care of it for you. Easy!

  Making it work was a technical challenge, but getting people to
  accept it was a social engineering challenge. I'll explain both
  aspects of this successful project.

We'll be using Jitsi Meet, an free and open source videoconference
platform, for the meeting.  You can access the meeting online at


Keep in mind that Chrome and Chromium are the only recommended
browsers. Other browsers might work as well but it's possible you'll
have performance problem.

Jitsi Meet also has apps for iOS and Android. If you decide to use one
of those apps, use meeting code "PLUGCentralApril2020".

To join by phone instead, tap this: +1.512.402.2718, PIN: 1365683142#

This is going to be a learning experience for everyone so please be
patient in case we have any technical problems. But if it works,
hopefully we can continue using Jitsi for virtual PLUG meetings until
we're able to meet in person again.


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