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Re: [PLUG] An alternative to Zoom: Sangoma Meet

In addition to the obvious Chrome-based choices (Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Chromium), there's also Brave Browser, which I find quite nice.

There are also some familiar names like Vivaldi and Opera, and less known names like Blisk and Colibri.

Hating Google is no longer a reasonable reason to avoid Webkit browsers. There are plenty of others, though, if you're so inclined.

On Fri, Apr 24, 2020 at 9:51 PM brent timothy saner via plug <> wrote:
On 4/24/20 21:38, Walt Mankowski via plug wrote:
>> "What is the technology behind Sangoma Meet?
>> Sangoma Meet is based on WebRTC, which provides video conferencing and
>> is supported by most of the major web browsers today. Our software stack
>> is built upon several open source tools, including ***Jitsi Meet***,
>> FreeSWITCH™, HAProxy, Prometheus, Grafana, collectd, and other tools
>> used for provisioning, deploying and managing the service." (emphasis added)
>> it's just a SaaS Jitsi Meet with a FreeSWITCH SIP bridge.
> Does that mean it only works in Chrome?

well, Meet works in Firefox, just... not as well. (Firefox doesn't
implement peer-to-peer WebRTC as well.)

but yes, just like Jitsi Meet, per their FAQ

Do I need special software to run Sangoma Meet?

On Desktop

    Sangoma Meet will run inside your browser.
    For the best experience ***we recommend using Google Chrome.***
    Other supported browsers: Microsoft Edge, Firefox.

note that Chromium should work just as well if you'd prefer a
less-Googled Chrome.

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