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Re: [PLUG] Sending a Kafka topic to syslog?


I haven't done it myself yet, but it looks like writing to the syslog
from a Bash script is pretty easy, so maybe you can hook in that
way?  See:

Fred Stluka
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On 6/26/20 1:37 PM, JP Vossen via plug wrote:
I may have a $WORK need to push a Kafka topic to syslog, or really Syslog-NG if it matters.  But any time I try to Google for that I only find the opposite: sending syslog into Kafka!

I did find from 2019 that talks about sending Kafka logs to syslog using `log4j`, but I wonder if that really means Kafka _logs_, as in server logs, and not "topics."

I don't have any of the sending side toys yet, we're trying to figure out if that next step is even worth it.

I'd *really* rather push from the Kafka topic/node to the remote syslog loghost, ideally over TCP/514 or some similar port.  If I absolutely have to I can probably do a pull from the syslog side, but I'd much rather not.  Simpler is also better, I'd rather not have to increase my dependencies and attack surface with a lot of extra cruft.

Any clues?  TIA,
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