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Re: [PLUG] sys76

On 7/4/20 3:08 PM, jeff via plug wrote:
The laptop arrived, ready to go.
It's fast.. watching it unpack updates is impressive.
It's sleek, if that matters, as opposed to my existing beast (17").
Backlit keyboard changes colors as it boots. (fascinating, Jim)
All I had to do was put in a few bit of info and I was off.
Packaging was reusable.

Installing my old ssd will require removing a lot of tiny screws. I understand there are a lot of connections for different drive technologies, including NVMe. It has the requisite ports, placed intelligently.

The touchpad is huge and defaults to a backwards scroll, which they call 'natural scroll,' which is switchable.

Not happy that the number keys are more narrow than the others, but I'll live. Truly not happy that I installed Xubuntu desktop and the display goes entirely blank when I try to log into it. Gnome isn't my favorite.

more later
System76 laptop...what?  And did you give their PopOS a try?

I'm typing this on a probably 10+ yo System76 Wild Dog, and we have similar age laptop (at the time Chinese clone) and 2 Meerkats (MythTV and backup servers). They've all been great. You pay extra for no Winblows and their Linux testing and integration, but they are worth it.

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