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Re: [PLUG] VPS Hosting

I would also push back on the idea of using ANY cloud or remote service as the ***single source*** for your data backup.  If you don't have physical access to your data (and yes, I know Linode is local) you don't actually have your data.  Your primary backup should be local (online or offline) and then its fine to sync all or a portion of that data set offsite as second layer of protection.

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On Thu, Jul 09, 2020 at 05:56:21PM -0400, Tim Allen via plug wrote:
> Digital Ocean has always been fantastic for me.

I strongly recommend against Digital Ocean: it has a well-deserved
reputation as one of the worst operations on the Internet due to
its long (and continuing) history of emitting all kinds of attacks
and abuse combined with its refusal to do anything about them.

It's so bad that I've installed a ruleset in every firewall I run
specifically for their address ranges -- and I strongly recommend
that others do the same, because the attacks/abuse will arrive...
it's only a question of when.  (Drop me a line if you want my
working list of their networks.)

They're one of a handful of operations that have *earned* that treatment.

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