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Re: [PLUG] RAID-1 mdadm vs. Mobo H/W = moot

On 7/20/20 2:47 AM, JP Vossen via plug wrote:
On 7/16/20 9:21 PM, JP Vossen wrote:
I'm building 2 new PCs and I am wondering about RAID-1.  I've been using mdadm RAID-1 for at least a decade with excellent results.  But I haven't had to deal with (U)EFI up to now, and that's a mess, along with the fact that the Linux Mint/Ubuntu `Ubiquity` installer doesn't do RAID.  :-(

I only care about RAID-1 (mirror) and Linux.  I would not even consider Mobo RAID anymore more complicated than a mirror, but since a mirror is *so* simple...

The short version is, the Asus ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING ATX AM4 motherboard [0] is *not* capable of using both M2 slots if you are *also* using the Radeon Vega Graphics processor [1]! :-(

So we fell back to plan-b which is to install some old HDD drives I had laying around and I'll get around to writing some kind of `rsync` script (after I take a look at Brent's code).

Thanks for the thoughts, I was reasonably certain about not doing the hardware RAID, and that was certainly confirmed!

I will look into getting my code up to my Github page one of these weeks, there are actually some good details in there.

Specific replies:

Keith, I think we've talked about this before, but I still don't see where LVM does RAID.  Maybe PLUG needs a talk?

You and I are working on similar things apparently.  I'm upgrading one of my office workstations (to a Ryzen 9 system, yey!) as part of my LizardFS network expansion.  As a consequence of that, I'm going to upgrade my personal storage to a 10Tb mirror.  When I set that up I will do a post here on the steps I took to create an encrypted RAID-1 and how I use it for my backups.  Its a handful of steps- at most a 5 to 10 minute lightening talk (which I would be open to doing if still needed after my post- just not sure when I'll be able to do it at PLUG).

I'm draining the 10Tb drives now so I'll do that post later this week.

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