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Re: [PLUG] sys76 pt II

Can confirm this rather annoying problem.

At this point, I managed to get a bunch of environments working, but I think that was more of it "just started working" one day after much tinkering.

Try creating a fresh user account and logging in with that; I think that worked 100% for me.

Shut lid - does the computer stay on, or go to sleep? There is some magic to Gnome that forces it to sleep, but using awesome, it will stay awake. Don't think I ever got that one sorted.


On 10/6/20 4:08 PM, jeff via plug wrote:
Still enjoying the speed and weight of my laptop.

However, I didn't know that a desktop environment made so much difference in terms of hardware. It came with Gnome and all was good.
Installed XFCE, black screen.
Installed Xubuntu fresh, success.

Now there are issues....
Pwr mgmt isn't. Shut lid, stays on, regardless of setting. The most annoying thing is the trackpad- syndaemon runs, but pad ignores it.
No shift or numlock indicators.

Now I understand why they only support Gnome.
I have never had this problem in all my linux years - did I miss something?

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