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Re: [PLUG] Free Open source threat intelligence feeds

On 10/12/20 3:10 PM, JP Vossen wrote:
On 10/12/20 2:29 PM, Michael Lazin via plug wrote:
My $work is looking towards the open source community for threat intelligence.  I get the feed from US-CERT and read full disclosure from time to time but I was wondering if anyone could simply recommend a good open source community feed for intelligence on things like malware and cybercriminal gang activities.  I read zdnet too.  I am looking for anything which is niche like an open source community feed.  I realize that you can set up RSS feeds but I was wondering if any one knew of a pre-existing service like this.  SANS has a high noise level.  Thanks again for your help over the years folks.  I hope everyone is doing well.

I don't think this is what you really mean, but check out: ; That's open source Snort compatible rules for...wait for it...emerging threats.  So the threat feed is a bit indirect, but it's something.

Otherwise, yeah, there's some RSS:

RSS that you mentioned:

Other RSS:
* (Dead 2020-02?)

Oh yeah, drifting even further from the ask, but well worth the read:
* And for HTTPS/TLS (& a LOT of OT noise that's still fun)

FWIW I use `Liferea` on Linux Mint for my RSS reader.  I have some feeds in Outlook for $WORK, but that's clunky and buggy as hell!  It's easy to forward useful tidbits to the team though, so...

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