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Re: [PLUG] CentOS

On Sun, Dec 13, 2020, at 06:12, Steve Litt via plug wrote:
> My view is Redhat is ready, willing and able to hurt Linux to fill
> their coffers. I'll never use Redhat, be it RHEL, Centos, CentOS
> Stream, Fedora (do they still have Fedora?), or Rocky Linux. I don't
> know why anybody, other than a big corporation who wants handholding
> and somebody to sue, would use any Red Hat distro or recent derivative.
> SteveT

Not only do they still have Fedora, it's been my daily driver for close to 2 years now... just upgraded to Fedora 33 this past weekend, yes AFTER the CentOS news :-) I find Fedora to be an appealing middle ground between the "do everything for you" distros and the "tweak /etc/foo/foo.conf daily" distros. I like most things about it except the stock GNOME GUI which is total Dullsville, so I ditched it in favor of Cinnamon and more recently, KDE Plasma.

Despite all this I'm no fanboy and admit to being pretty disappointed with the end of CentOS as we know it. I was already a little underwhelmed with the first year of CentOS 8 and while Stream is "OK", I think some of us were ready to move on even before this news. Most of the chatter around my office is "who cares, it's all containers now anyway" but for those of us who actually touch the OS there's definitely gonna be an adjustment period. I'll be pulling for Debian Stable on new installs but we'll see what management has to say... would be totally unsurprised if we just start using Stream because "Blah blah the contract says CentOS blah blah". I'm also curious to see what (if any) impact this has for future versions of Amazon Linux as well, given its alleged compatibility with CentOS (which I have found to be not totally the case) - 

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