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Re: [PLUG] git server

Peter Cramer via plug wrote:
> A friend and I are working on a small project together.  (There likely will be more projects in the future.)   Originally we planned to create a repository on GitHub, but the truth is neither of us is all that thrilled with GitHub now that it has been bought out by Microsoft.    
> We are considering setting up our own git server on an Ubuntu machine that we have access to.   Does anyone have any experience in this area?   Is it crazy difficult?   Any thoughts / advice?
In the purest sense, a "git server" doesn't exist. (There are
third-party options that may describe themselves as such but are
certainly not core git.)

Because git is a distributed source code management system, there are a
few ways to go about this based on your use case. But given that youse
have a shared Ubuntu machine, that I presume both of youse will access
using ssh, figure out a directory that both of youse, or a dedicated git
user account that cannot run a login shell, can write to. Initialise an
empty repository in that directory, then both of youse clone it on your
own machines. Congratulations, you now have a shared repository. Don't
forget to reconcile merge conflicts!

If there is an additional intent to allow the general public to see the
repository, then there are a few more options and more steps.

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