Jon Wolfe via plug on 18 Dec 2020 01:10:12 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] git server

I just want to throw in my two cents.

- I have done the barebones git but I wasn't that satisfied because I
also wanted a web interface.

- I am currently using Gitea. In my mind it was very easy to setup. (I
use it with NGINX but I confess I still don't have the configuration
perfect. There are some funny things about logging in but I assume it is
my mistake.) I have had some problems with things not working after
updating the Gitea version. I should have used a symbolic link to the
executable for my service file and just changed where it pointed to when
updating. But I was able to repair the repository hooks when I realized
that the path to the executable was hard wired there. I am not
completely satisfied with it, but I also have limits on how much time I
spend on such projects and it is good enough.

- I tried setting up Gitlab. First of all, I was stupid - I didn't
realize how difficult it was. But also the setup script just did a lot
of things because it made certain assumptions and these caused me a lot
of problems because it was not the only software I was running on the
computer. Good luck trying to undo the setup. If you aren't dedicating a
computer to it, use a docker image instead. Otherwise it will take over
all your ports. This is still one of my future projects. It runs with
Ruby and it has a lot of parts.

- Kallithea. I can't say a lot about it. Sometimes I just install
software "for fun" but I haven't really used it. It uses npm and python.
I had a few problems because it hadn't been fully migrated to Python 3
when I installed it and I had to change an ini file. There were also
some problems with internal errors which I tracked down to a known bug
(373), something about a beaker configuration (my notes don't make much
sense here). But I assume the problem has been fixed in the meantime.
And this could have had something to do with the fact that I was
migrating instead of doing a fresh install. I know people who use this
program so I would like to try it out more.

- SCM Manager. They had a rewrite at some point. It supports git/svn/hg.
I want to say it runs in Jetty or something similar. I could not
properly migrate my existing repositories (from version 1.x to 2.x) and
wasted a good part of a day. But as with Kallithea, my repositories were
just there for testing anyway so in the end I just made new test
repositories. Occasionally there is an (APT) update and it wants to
overwrite my configuration (I reconfigured the 8080 port to avoid a
conflict with jenkins), but I am aware of this and I just say no. It
looks interesting and maybe I will spend some more time trying it out in
the future.

All of these are proxied with NGINX so each one has its own virtual
host. My goal is to eventually migrate to Gitlab but it is not a priority.

Best wishes.

On 12/18/20 5:24 AM, Peter Cramer via plug wrote:
A friend and I are working on a small project together.  (There likely will be more projects in the future.)   Originally we planned to create a repository on GitHub, but the truth is neither of us is all that thrilled with GitHub now that it has been bought out by Microsoft.

We are considering setting up our own git server on an Ubuntu machine that we have access to.   Does anyone have any experience in this area?   Is it crazy difficult?   Any thoughts / advice?

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