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Re: [PLUG] CentOS

On 12/14/20 1:48 PM, Keith via plug wrote:
On 12/14/20 9:52 AM, Rich Kulawiec via plug wrote:
On Sun, Dec 13, 2020 at 06:12:39AM -0500, Steve Litt via plug wrote:
I don't know why anybody, other than a big corporation who wants
handholding and somebody to sue, would use any Red Hat distro
or recent derivative.
I've had this argument too many times to count.  The problem is that some
organizations don't believe in any model of support other than paying
someone (because they weren't around back in the days when we were all
running Unix from Bell Labs and Berkeley and there was no such thing as
paid support) and they do believe that they can sue someone if it goes
sideways (like "suing IBM" is actually going to result in anything other
than a lot of billable hours for attorneys).

Facts don't matter in this argument.  History doesn't matter.  Costs don't
matter.  The "we must pay someone for support" and "we can sue someone"
mindsets are written in stone at such organizations and nobody's ever
going to change their minds, no matter how much it costs or how badly
it turns out.


**standing ovation**  truer words have never been spoken.  That is the singular issue that has persisted since the rise and proven Linux viability for anything anywhere skilled people are allowed to make the technical decisions (which doesn't mean Linux always wins- just that its always considered).  I still blame '70's MBA culture for this crap but I digress...

I can't argue with any of that, but I'm surprised that I haven't noticed "Oracle" Linux come up.  The "Oracle" part is in quotes because they just legally steal all of RHEL's work (for better or worse), break it a bit, then sell support for it.

First, I would never voluntarily use any Oracle product except for VirtualBox, which they haven't managed to screw up yet.

Second, I am forced to use OEL at $WORK, and I loath it.

So is...a thing.  The article says "Whether running on UEK or RHCK, Oracle Linux is fully compatible with (RHEL)" but that is *NOT true.*  I call UEK the "Unusable Enterprise Kernel" because every single time we have been running that kernel and had really screwy unexplainable problems, when we've removed that kernel and used the RHCK one the problems go away.  Every.  Single.  Time.

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