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Re: [PLUG] kernel bug - gain root priv

On 3/24/21 4:08 PM, Fred Stluka via plug wrote:
> Jeff,
> Thanks for the tip!  I especially appreciate your summary of the
> problem.  Saying "could allow local attackers" is VERY useful to
> me.  For servers where I'm the only local user, I don't have to
> worry about this one.

Be careful about that kind of thinking. Anything that runs on your
server does so as a local user. A vulnerability in one of those could
allow an attacker to do something locally. For example, a vulnerability
in a webserver allows an attacker to run code on the server as the
www-data user (or whatever user the service is running as).

If you read up on pretty much any major breech you'll find they tend to
be like that, a multi-step process that gives them more and more control.

The only thing "local attack" effectively means is that an attacker will
have to take an extra step or two to gain control. That's MUCH better
than a remote vulnerability, but still a problem that needs to be addressed.

- PaulNM
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