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Re: [PLUG] Chinese state hackers - new linux malware

On Mon, Mar 29, 2021, 09:05 Fred Stluka <> wrote:

Yeah, egress filtering is a good idea.  Thanks!


I googled it.  Found:
- Customer to Customer -- Like B2B (Business to Business)
- Cam to Cam -- Modern lingo about webcam chats
- Corp to Corp -- 1099's like I use with my clients
- Consumer to Consumer -- like the Uber business model
- etc.

I'm not sure you meant any of these.  Other?

Digging a little deeper I found:
- C&C -- Command And Control infrastructure
- Comply to Connect -- software to ensure compliance
    (control and identity) of devices trying to connect

Am I getting close?


HAH! Long day that day. Yes, *C&C*, command/control. I'd presume that would be apparent in context. My brain apparently could not decide between C2 and C&C, so it went with both.
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