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Re: [PLUG] Yipes! Those Web Ads are KILLING Me!

Sorry about your PI.
I get really good response (non-response) from a HOSTS list.

there are addons here and there for different annoyances (FB is huge).

As for the targeting, I turn off or delete all cookies (or Private mode).

I see few, if any, ads.

On 3/31/21 5:13 AM, Casey Bralla via plug wrote:
There was a power glitch in my apartment last week that took out my
raspberry pi which had been running Pi-Hole ad blocker.   So now,
everything on my home network is using straight DNS whithout any blocking.

Yipes!  It is astounding how MANY ads there are, how targeted they are
at me, how frequently offensive they are, and how absolutely
overwhelming they are.  Worse, they take several seconds to load on my
45 MBit FiOS connection, which means the web page rebuilds itself while
I'm trying to read it.   Yech!!!!

This is the same reason I gave up on cable TV years ago.  I'd rather pay
for Amazon Prime or Netflix than be bombarded by so much targeted (and
frequently offensive!) ad content.

What a sorry state the web is.  I guess there is no free lunch, and ads
pay the bills, but what an unpleasant experience.   I'm especially
confused by sites like slashdot, which techy people (who presumably
block most ads) visit.  Do the advertisers know that most sane people
block their ads?

I don't have a solution to the larger problem, but I'm gonna rebuild my
pi-hole machine ASAP.

Rant mode off.

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